News | | Symphony Talent Releases Q1 2019 Product Enhancements

Symphony Talent Releases Q1 2019 Product Enhancements

Enhancements automate functions to improve recruiter productivity and deliver highly personalized experiences to candidates

Symphony Talent, a leading talent marketing solutions provider, announced today a multitude of new, differentiating features and enhancements as part of its Q1 product release. The Q1 release continues to advance a more streamlined and personalized experience that both candidates and recruiters demand in order for employers to succeed in today’s competitive hiring landscape.

“A continued area of focus is enhancements to existing solutions based on feedback from our clients and their candidates,” noted Symphony Talent’s EVP, Products and Solutions, Ajay Kutty. “These enhanced capabilities were developed based on real requests from our customers and their direct interaction with these features.”

In line with the organization’s mission to redefine how brands and talent connect, Symphony Talent continues to offer innovative end-to-end talent marketing solutions that automate processes and prioritize experience:


  • Specialized Employee Onboarding Module – provides day-to-day onboarding management. This module combines a self-service management console, recruiter  portal, and candidate portal into one complete hiring automation platform, eliminating paperwork and risk in the process. All required documentation and policy acknowledgments can now be managed in one, simple platform. With a guided flow of interactive questions, new hires can easily fill out information with submission confirmation. The new module is designed to remove frustrations and inefficiencies from the hiring and onboarding process by delivering a simple, mobile-friendly solution that ensures compliance and boosts hiring speeds and reduces costs.
  • Workday Integration – transforms the entire candidate and recruiter experience for Workday users. Symphony Talent’s successful integration with one of the leading ATS providers Workday allows our XCloud CRM to exchange data to improve the overall experience for candidates.  With XCloud and Workday in sync, candidates can apply for jobs in a branded experience while allowing recruiters to leverage the tools and hiring processes within Workday. Data for requisitions, candidates, applications, and status in the hiring process will be mirrored in both systems and updated simultaneously in both when changes are made by a user in either system. The result is an increase in the effectiveness of the recruiting team, an exceptional candidate experience and ultimately improved business outcomes.
  • Commute Search Powered by Google – built to help employers hire more inclusively and reach more job seekers.  The original commute search feature provided the ability to add expected commute time via driving and public transit options into job search criteria. The enhanced feature now includes a walking or biking commute time. Job seekers can now select a mode of transportation (walking, biking, car or public transit) and desired commute time, to obtain results that include an estimated commute time for positions that fit their lifestyle.
  • Personalized Video Emails – critical to the new hire experience and designed to further personalize the candidate experience and increase engagement.  Recruiters can now create a personalized and unique experience to build an emotional connection and relationship with the recruiter’s organization.  Unique details such as name, area of interest and email can be used to personalize the video apart from the message to the candidate. Apart from the employer branding elements, the Video can include personalization elements like the recipient’s name and email to speak to the candidate in a unique, personal and engaging way.
  • Auto-tagging of all emails  – Previously emails had to be manually tagged to track applies and hires. This feature automates the tracking of all URLs in email campaigns, including applies and hires. Visits to the career site from a specific email campaign as well as links jobseekers clicked to get to the site can be tracked via tags that are automatically identified and placed. Once the tags are generated, the XCloud analytics tool will track the campaign traffic as well as produce insights on Open rates, Click Through rates and Applies to Hires. The automation empowers users by eliminating any manual effort required to place tags to track campaign performance.
  • Feedback Filter – enables Recruiters to easily access profiles they need to act on based on feedback received from reviewers. The filter has been added to the Job Search page, to narrow down the search results to only those jobs which have candidates that have received feedback from reviewers. Recruiters can organize profiles with the feedback icon and then view profile details in order to act on the feedback.
  • Hiring Manager Updates – allows for a job level configuration, so that Hiring Managers may directly screen and provide real-time feedback on applicants. This option is useful for positions where screening is best done by the Hiring Manager through telephonic or face-to-face interactions. Additionally, functionalities can be configured to simplify the interface for Hiring Managers.
  • Multiple Interview Creation – streamlines the process by allowing recruiters to offer a range of interview slots to multiple candidates. The feature allows a recruiter to schedule up to 25 interviews. Candidates then choose from the available slots to confirm an interview. The tool reduces time-to-fill by eliminating back-and-forth communication with multiple candidates that delays in-person interviews.