News | | Symphony Talent Invests in Internal Diversity and Customer Growth

Symphony Talent Invests in Internal Diversity and Customer Growth

With the appointment of three C-level executives, two of which are women, Symphony Talent targets organizational diversity and customer growth

Symphony Talent, a global leader of recruitment marketing technology, announced the appointment of three key C-suite roles: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

These appointments demonstrate Symphony Talent’s strategic approach to innovation and growth. The C-level positions will support the organization in exceeding new customer care and retention goals, optimizing implementations and integrations, and defining clear customer paths.

“It’s wonderful to be part of a change that will trickle down throughout the entire org,” said Sophie Leguillette, Chief Marketing Officer, Symphony Talent, on becoming Symphony’s third female C-level executive. “The ST mantra is ‘automate tasks, empower teams.’ I’m taking that to heart as I open critical roles, grow from within, and double down on how our team operates. We are here to communicate our customers’ successes, and we need the right people and processes to do it well.”