Jan 2 2023

Industrial Engineering Firm ECOL Chooses Sciforma PPM to Optimize Operations in Tandem with CCPM and Kanban

Leading Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software provider Sciforma announces that ECOL, specialized in industrial engineering and manufacturing machinery, has chosen the Sciforma PPM platform. The Sciforma platform will be used to guide the full range of the ECOL’s operations, in concert with the company’s critical chain project management (CCPM) and Kanban methodologies.

“It is not uncommon for departments within the same company to take different approaches to project management. An important advantage of the Sciforma platform is the ability to seamlessly handle those multiple project management methodologies,” said Stéphane Louit, head of sales for Sciforma. “Unifying all the departments under a single, cloud-based PPM platform while accommodating existing methodologies was an essential point in ECOL’s choice of Sciforma.”

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