Oct 18 2022

Escalent Decodes Trust in Technology to Help Brands Build Stronger Bonds With People

Behavioral science-based framework measures trust in technology, key predictors to increase consumer trust.

Escalent, an award-winning human behavior analytics and advisory firm, has cracked the code on the complex topic of trust in technology and how brands can effectively build consumer trust in technology that fuels the products, services and experiences that make the world work better for people.

Recognizing the complexity and importance of trust in technology, Escalent created Tech TrustBuilder™, a solution that simplifies the complex topic of trust of technology into approachable, measurable and addressable insights for brands to engage with consumers, with application across nearly all industries. A scientifically validated framework—based on behavioral science principles, advanced data analyses, and extensive academic literary review of trust and technology—Tech TrustBuilder breaks down technology trust into three components: competency, process and intent.

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