Sep 20 2022

Risk Management Expert Alex Sidorenko to Serve as Advisor to Archer

2021 FERMA Risk Manager of the Year and Recognized Expert in Quantitative and Operational Risk to Advise on Market Direction and Application of Technology

Archer, the leading provider of Integrated Risk Management technology, today announced that Alex Sidorenko has agreed to act as a Senior Advisor to help Archer and its clients take full advantage of technology for advanced use cases like quantitative risk analysis.

“I have been passionate about integrating better quantitative risk analysis into decision making for years, helping companies make better investment and operational choices and saving a lot of money along the way. In today’s complex and turbulent times, I see risk management team as the center of excellence for dealing with uncertainty and being on call to executives when important decisions are being made. I used technology to support my team in its risk advisory role and I am very glad to support the Archer platform that allows businesses to solve complex risk issues quickly and efficiently.”