Apr 5 2022

As Customer Satisfaction with Utility Service Declines, Top Utilities Focus on Easier Customer Interactions

Escalent Names 35 Utilities as the Easiest to Do Business With

Despite customer satisfaction with utility service declining from last year, the best utilities attain top Customer Effort Scores (CES) by making it easier for customers to do business with them. These results are part of the latest Q1 findings from the 2022 Cogent Syndicated Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential report, a management advisory study from Escalent, a top human behavior and analytics advisory firm.

“High customer satisfaction comes down to awareness and use of offerings that make a customer’s life easier. And digital service options provide the easiest experiences for utility customers. However, many utility customers are just not aware of these offerings,” said Chris Oberle, senior vice president at Escalent. “Anticipating customer service needs and offering solutions before customers initiate contact is the new bar for top-performing utilities. Proactive and self-service options provide the greatest opportunities for exceeding customer expectations.”

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