Apr 5 2022

Archer Announces Addition of Graeme Keith as Global Professional Services Lead for Risk Quantification

Recognized risk quantification expert joins Archer executive team and extends company’s industry leadership position

Archer®, a leading provider of integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, today announced the addition of Graeme Keith as Global Professional Services Lead for Risk Quantification. In his new role, Graeme will be working closely with Archer customers to increase their focus on connecting risk analysis to the most strategic aspects of their business.

Graeme joins Archer with experience spanning both industry and academia, working across corporate strategy and risk management. Prior to running his own consultancy focused on risk quantification, Graeme served in twin roles as lead strategy advisor and head of enterprise risk management at Maersk Oil. Graeme earned his doctorate in applied mathematics at Cambridge in 2000 and teaches at Copenhagen University and the Technical University of Denmark. He is a fellow of the UK institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a chartered mathematician.

“With the launch of the full quantitative capability of Archer Insight, Archer has triggered a paradigm shift in enterprise risk management practice,” said Graeme. “Quantification is the fairy dust that turns GRC into an enterprise-wide, strategic decision support tool because it synthesizes the impact of uncertainties between functions and sectors and across organizational structures, and it is the only way meaningfully to articulate the fundamental trade-off between risk and reward. I have been helping clients achieve these goals throughout my career in risk management. Archer’s unique technology and the industry’s largest client base makes it the ideal environment to take this mission to the next level.”

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