Apr 1 2022

Extenda Retail further enhances retailers’ capabilities to attract, delight & retain customers with the acquisition of Re-Vision

Stockholm, Sweden, Friday, 1 April 2022 – Extenda Retail, a leading provider of commerce and distribution software solutions for retailers and logistics companies, today announced the acquisition of Re-Vision BV, a global provider of self-service retail technologies based in The Netherlands.

Re-Vision helps retailers deliver extraordinary shopping experiences by incorporating digital commerce capabilities into the physical store environment. Consumers can enjoy a digital in-store shopping experience on their own or retailer-provided device, and retailers can shape the consumer journey to deliver a unique brand experience. Solutions include capabilities such as Scan & Go and Self-Scan tied to a Machine Learning platform to harvest and identify patterns in data. Use-cases for this platform include Loss Prevention and Product Up-Sell Recommendations.

Michel Haagmans, owner and CEO of Re-Vision, said: “The combined force of Extenda Retail and Re-Vision provides retailers with additional, exciting capabilities to continuously innovate using Cloud-based technologies. Consumers can enjoy a personalized experience that allows them to shop how and when they want, and retailers benefit through increases in footfall and sales, and reduction in shrinkage.”

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