Mar 7 2022

Nomis Solutions forges strategic alliance with ed-tech non-profit Moneythink

Nomis Solutions (Nomis), a global, industry-leading pricing and profitability management solutions provider, today announced it has established a philanthropic partnership with Moneythink, a national ed-tech nonprofit. Through the partnership, Nomis has pledged to make annual investments in the Moneythink platform and advise Moneythink on ways it can further empower historically marginalized students to achieve college success through informed financial decision-making.

“For more than a decade, Moneythink has been focused on the economic justice issues of college affordability and high student debt, and I’ve been witness to the favorable impact it has on an individual’s financial health and success,” said Frank Rohde, president and CEO of Nomis Solutions. “Nomis strives to contribute to a larger goal of financial prosperity and stability for generations to come and looks forward to a long partnership with Moneythink as we both work toward that objective.”

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