Feb 15 2022

NetWitness Selected by SafeLine as Exclusive XDR Partner to Provide Integrated and Rapid Threat Detection and Response Against Advanced Attacks

NetWitness XDR Technology Uses a Combination of Network and Endpoint Detection, Behavioral Analysis, Data Science, and Threat Intelligence to Detect and Resolve Known and Unknown Attacks

NetWitness, an RSA business, and globally trusted provider of cybersecurity technologies and incident response services, today announced that it is the exclusive Extended Detection and Response (XDR) partner of SafeLine, a newly launched company owned by NAHL Holding and specialized cybersecurity provider for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SafeLine provides enterprises with a full suite of cybersecurity services and works with businesses to help protect and monitor their critical systems and respond to emerging cybersecurity threats.

“The threat of cyber criminals is ever present, and businesses are constantly struggling against a never-ending wave of attacks that can severely disrupt key business operations. Organizations throughout the KSA require a combination of best-of-breed technologies and industry expertise to keep these threats at bay,” said Yasser Alrobaian, CEO of NAHL Holding. “We’re confident that the strength of a global cybersecurity leader like NetWitness and our expert team will give our customers an advantage in the battle against cyberattacks, ensuring unsurpassed visibility, smarter threat detection and faster analytics.”

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