Jul 21 2021

Events & Education Platform to Reduce Operational Costs, Increase Revenue, and Improve Member Retention for Content-Driven Organizations

Last year organizations were forced into a sudden and uncomfortable digital transformation fueled by the realities of COVID. The lines of physical and virtual spaces are now blurred, and that’s a change that’s here to say.

Jim Obsitnik, CEO of Cadmium, says, “Organizations knew this change was coming and they were already making strides toward it, but COVID was a catalyst for the acceleration of that change.”

Earlier this year, Obsitnik was appointed by Symphony Technology Group, a San Francisco based investment group to lead the unification of CadmiumCD, EthosCE, Warpwire, and CommPartners. Together these acquisitions will be unified under the Cadmium brand as a single organization to bring to market a single, flexible platform that helps associations, healthcare organizations, and higher education institutions to achieve better outcomes tied to their education and events initiatives.

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