Jun 21 2021

SecurID Enhancements Help Organizations Strategize for the Future of Identity

SecurID, the trusted identity platform, joined Identiverse today to share new product enhancements, insights, and resources that will allow organizations to strategize for the future of identity and access management (IAM).

“With COVID-19 vaccination rates varying from state to state and country to country, organizations everywhere are preparing for the next phase of their identity journeys: at Identiverse 2021, SecurID experts will share how cloud deployments, hybrid operations, and frictionless user experiences will shape the future of identity and how businesses should strategize for these emerging trends,” said Dave Taku, Head of Product, SecurID.

In every sector, organizations are working through new priorities in authenticating remote workforces, preventing ransomware and other sophisticated cyberthreats and investing in solutions that maintain businesses continuity. As these new cybersecurity challenges emerge, CISOs and CTOs must also ensure convenient, frictionless access to organizational resources.