Jan 28 2021

Azara Healthcare Announces Automated Outreach Solution For COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Software Innovation Identifies and Contacts Patients to Recieve Vaccine and Return for Second Dose

Azara Healthcare, a leading provider of population health solutions with deep roots in the community health marketplace, today announced general availability of its COVID-19 Immunization programs within its Azara Patient Outreach module.  The innovative solution, powered in part by partner CareMessage, allows Azara clients to automate the process of outreach to patients regarding scheduling and receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.  With automatic prioritization and outreach to patients based on a customizable set of clinical factors, the solution frees up valuable staff time to administer the vaccine and care for patients during the pandemic.

“Our text-based outreach solution reached more than 100,000 patients in the last 3 months alone,” said Jeff Brandes, CEO of Azara Healthcare. “With COVID vaccine supplies now coming to our clients, combining our outreach capability with the smarts of Azara’s “Set it and Forget it” program management made all the sense in the world.  We’re thrilled to do our part to help our clients better serve their patients during these challenging times.”

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