Jan 27 2021

Personica Announces EVP of Strategy and Partnerships

Mayank Patel, loyalty and personalization leader at McDonald’s and Applebee’s,
joins Personica Executive Team.

Personica™, the most powerful marketing and analytics platform for restaurants, today named Mayank Patel as its new Executive Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships. Patel will be shaping the future of personalization at Personica, as the company works to set the benchmark for building customer relationships in the restaurant industry.

“Mayank is an industry leader in CRM, Loyalty, and Personalization, with a deep understanding of restaurant customer engagement,” said Andrew Feigenson, Personica CEO. “He brings together a practical operator perspective and a forward-looking technology optimism, and I look forward to seeing him continue to help us shape the future of personalization at Personica.”

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