Sep 17 2020

Escalent Launches Brand Authenticity Index™ to Explore Which Brands are “Walking the Talk”

Escalent, a top human behavior and analytics firm, today introduced Brand Authenticity Index™, a new tool that defines what it means to be an authentic brand, how household name brands measure up to one another and steps companies can take to improve their perceived authenticity. This first-of-its-kind offering provides a data-driven, composite index of what it takes to win over consumers and engender strong brand loyalty through genuine messaging and action in alignment with intrinsic brand values

“From the products consumers buy to the places they work, brand authenticity is becoming a key ingredient to a company’s success,” said Jill Miller, vice president of Escalent’s Consumer & Retail practice. “Consumers are incredibly savvy when it comes to their loyalty, and they hold brands accountable to act on stated values, including corporate citizenship, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and sustainability. What a company stands for matters now more than ever, which is why we wanted to determine how to measure authenticity.”

Escalent evaluated 32 top brands from the consumer and retail, financial services, technology and telecom industries, measuring each brand on five dimensions that accurately predict and diagnose a brand’s authenticity: thoughtful, transparent, reliable, committed and socially aware.

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