Sep 7 2020

Kettering rolls out real-time patient flow system following successful pilot go-live

Staff at Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KGH) are going live with a new real-time clinical system for better managing patient journeys through the hospital.

The Trust is the first in the country to go live with System C’s Patient Flow software, a major new part of the company’s CareFlow integrated EPR. With real-time feeds from the Trust’s PAS and clinical systems, the software provides an accurate, live picture of capacity and needs at the ward and Trust level, with a view to helping reduce length of stay, improve clinical outcomes and produce cost savings.

Dione Rogers, chief nursing information officer, said: “Patient Flow’s large touch screen boards display all the information you need on the wards at a glance. For the staff, it gives them a clear, easy to use framework for managing the patient from admission to discharge. It is also making board rounds so much smoother and significantly reduces the need for paper-based records.”

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