Jul 30 2020

Liverpool and Sefton roll out new child health information system during lockdown

The health records of 355,849 children living in Liverpool and Sefton have been consolidated into a new, single child health information system. The deployment of System C’s CarePlus child health information system progressed to plan and went live successfully, despite the country being in Covid-19 lockdown. The fully digital service will support the protection and health of Merseyside’s children.  Care professionals in the area will be able to track children from childhood through to their transition to adult services and will have access to all the relevant information to provide suitable care.

Liverpool and Sefton Child Health Information Services have joined up with neighbouring Cheshire’s and are sharing the same CarePlus system to provide an integrated service.  Cheshire rolled out the CarePlus system at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown. Sue Trinder, Child Health Information Services Director at NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (SCW*) said, “This was an important deadline for us and I’m very pleased this new service could progress to plan, despite the very real challenges of Covid-19. We are making great ground across the regions.  Thank you to all the teams involved in making that happen.”

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