Feb 27 2020

Enhanced SmashFly Career Site Solution Emphasizes Dynamic Personalization to Help Talent Screen In and Out for Better Fit

Symphony Talent announced today that SmashFly, the leading enterprise recruitment marketing and candidate relationship management (CRM) platform, has expanded its career site solution with enhanced job descriptions, blogging, and dynamic content personalization. The new functionality empowers talent acquisition teams with scalable storytelling to automate a uniquely personalized, employer brand-driven experience throughout the career site, from homepage all the way to job descriptions.

Whether an employer receives thousands of applicants per requisition or hires for niche roles with unique responsibilities, it’s increasingly critical to give talent the opportunity to screen themselves in – and out – to not only the right jobs, but also the right companies. Companies identified as innovating recruitment marketing organizations in the companies’ soon-to-be-released annual Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report are 4x more likely to utilize a talent blog for storytelling than lagging organizations and almost 5x more likely to include content or video on job description pages.

“With so many choices and channels, we have an immense responsibility to support our customers and the market in redefining and developing new ways for talent to interact with employers,” said Ajay Kutty, Chief Product Officer, Symphony Talent and SmashFly. “Our combined engineering team prioritized building this functionality into SmashFly, as we’ve seen how personalization and scalable storytelling on Symphony Talent’s career site solution have helped our customers bring to life their employer brands and jobs and streamline quality conversion.”

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