Jul 31 2019

First Advantage Launches New Screening Product that Significantly Reduces Turnaround Times

Verified! Allows Customers to Leverage Existing Education and Employment Data to Speed Up Background Screening Process

First Advantage, a global leader in background check and drug screening solutions, today announced the launch of Verified!, a new verifications process that can significantly shrink turnaround times from days to minutes with the help of its FCRA-approved proprietary database.

Verified! leverages First Advantage’s existing education and employment dataset to confirm education and employment information. Backed by the power of 66+ million screens each year, Verified! significantly decreases customer turnaround time and allows customers to lock in candidates before they move on to other potential job opportunities.

First Advantage is currently running 12,000+ verifications per quarter through the system, and employment and education checks take only seconds to clear. Customers that have already benefitted from decreased time to hire include brands that rely on high volume hiring, such as those in the retail and staffing industries.

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