Sep 27 2018

Fishbowl Announces Enhancements to Integrated E-Marketing Module

Fishbowl, Inc., an industry leader in data, marketing and analytics solutions, announces two major product enhancements to its  E-Marketing module: A new Enterprise Email Editor and Local Store Marketing functionality to SMS (short message service).

Enhanced E-Marketing Module 
The new Enterprise Email Editor integrates all of Fishbowl’s industry-leading capabilities – including Promotions Manager – in a state-of-the-art drag and drop format that will be available in the next month.

The upgrade seamlessly integrates Fishbowl’s Enterprise Email into a singular, easy to use email creation tool to create layouts, drop in images and text, add social media sharing and Promotions Manager codes, and save your favorite email designs as new templates or use any of the included template designs. Tailored to lean marketing teams, the new feature gives clients greater accuracy, efficiency, and offers the flexibility starting with an existing template, creating a new template from an email, or quickly building an email for a one-off use.

Local Store Marketing (LSM) functionality in SMS
Fishbowl is also launching its industry-leading Local Store Marketing (LSM) functionality within its SMS platform, giving specific stores and franchisees the ability to customize their SMS campaigns at the local level. This enhancement also allows corporate marketing departments to customize what store-level users can access in SMS, including campaign types, audience types, and more.

“There is a tremendous amount of functionality and flexibility with this new upgrade,” said Daniel Dreymann, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Fishbowl. “These two new features allow Fishbowl to give our clients greater accuracy and flexibility. Functionality has been beneficial for all clients for more than a decade, and now it has been extended into our SMS product,” said Dreymann.

Fishbowl ‘s most recent product upgrades have ranged from new promotions protocol, added customer loyalty information, and short message system (SMS) reporting, to revised data on expired coupons, and more.