Sep 26 2018

The Winshuttle community aims to connect over 30K Winshuttle software users to facilitate collaboration and networking along the customer lifecycle from onboarding, to adoption and expansion

Winshuttle, the leading SAP-centric data management and robotic process automation platform provider, is pleased to announce the launch of a new online community focused on customer networking and learning. The Winshuttle online community is designed to foster the same kind of collaboration that happens at a Winshuttle User Group (WUG) meeting but anytime, anywhere and on a much larger scale.

“Every Winshuttle user has a story of how it helped them overcome challenges and add efficiencies to their daily work and business processes,” said John Pierson, Winshuttle CEO. “The magic happens when users get together and share insights into solving problems and enhancing value. The online community is an extension of the Winshuttle User Group to broaden access and deepen discussions globally.”

The community offers several features to help bring users together and facilitate collaboration. The directory will allow users to connect by industry, SAP expertise, product ownership, geography and more. They can access local user group communities, join in discussions and access/post to a library that houses prebuilt scripts, templates and solutions that can help them get up to speed faster. Users can also expect to be able to access over 100 new e-learning self-paced training modules available. The online community will also help solicit feedback for product enhancements and help influence future product roadmaps – leveraging the expertise the Winshuttle customers have gained over the last 15 years.

“As the leader of the Wisconsin user group, Winshuttle’s new community site is the solution I’ve been waiting for to communicate and collaborate with our local Winshuttle users,” said Jeremie Dippel, Rockwell Automation. “I immediately saw the value while participating in beta testing to be able to relate experiences, assist one another with troubleshooting, and share templates and solutions. I look forward to doing my part in bolstering the community, sharing what I’ve learned, as well as learning from others.”