Aug 31 2018

Statement by First Advantage CEO Scott Staples Regarding Reports that Gig Economy Companies Are Using Discount Background Screening Services

“As we have seen in the recent press, some gig economy companies are using discount background screening solutions to try and protect their customers at the lowest possible price. Unfortunately, this practice is resulting in unsafe situations, and consumers are paying for it. It is also doing irreparable damage to these brands.

Not all background screening companies are alike. Some newer entrants to the category are trying to gain market share through inadequate offerings at discounted prices. What must be known is that when you pay for a company’s services, you’re also paying for their expertise, technology, and compliance engines. First Advantage has been in the market for 15 years and is the only company in the industry today that offers a true global solution, not outsourced to third-party vendors.

Brand protection comes from experience in delivering thorough background checks. Knowing about a candidate’s complete criminal history allows our customers to make informed hiring decisions that help keep people safe. It seems that these gig economy companies are not getting what they paid for – and consumers are paying the price.”