Sep 29 2017

Dodge Data & Analytics Introduces Dodge PreQual, a Prequalification Module for Dodge PlanRoom

Dodge Data & Analytics is introducing Dodge PreQual for Dodge PlanRoom. Dodge PlanRoom provides a simple, secure cloud-based platform for construction professionals to connect and share project information and manage their bidding process. Dodge PreQual will provide Dodge PlanRoom customers the ability to manage and collect financial, insurance, safety, work history and performance documentation of subcontractors and suppliers. Additionally, Pantera Global Technology, Inc.’s turnkey service seamlessly integrates with Dodge PreQual to help gather and verify the information at the moment it is needed.


Dodge PreQual and Pantera Global Technology’s service provides substantial risk mitigation and cost savings to general contractors. With Dodge PreQual general contractors will have a simple but robust process for the collection and distribution of information from their subcontractors and vendors.  Pantera’s collection and verification services provide the ability to verify the information and ensure that the data is being updated annually, semi-annually or more often, as determined by organizational needs.

“We are excited about the launch of Dodge PreQual and our partnership with Pantera,” said Mike Petrullo, Chief Executive OfficerDodge Data & Analytics. “Dodge PreQual and our relationship with Pantera provide significant risk mitigation to our PlanRoom customers.”

“Through our partnership with Dodge we are adding the ability for real-time verification of subcontractor data,” said DeWayne Adamson, Founder & CEO, Pantera Global Technology, Inc. “This not only reduces risk for general contractors but also saves them money on their insurance premiums and add-on products such as Subcontractor Default Insurance.”

Dodge PreQual will be available to PlanRoom customers in October. For more information about the partnership, click here.