Apr 24 2017

Ventiv Technology Introduces Capture, an All-New Enterprise Data-Intake Tool for Mobile and Desktop with Unsurpassed Capabilities

Ventiv Technology, the world’s largest global, independent provider of risk, insurance and EH&S software, announced today the launch of Ventiv Capture. The all-new enterprise data-intake tool, featuring seamless integration with Ventiv’s risk management and claims administration platforms, makes field events and requests immediately available for reporting, analytics and action as necessary.

Ventiv Capture supports any insurance, claim, risk or safety process requiring notifications, requests or assessments in the field, including: incident & claim notifications; safety inspections; audits and assessments and certificate requests.

Ventiv Technology has offered intake capabilities for more than a decade, and Capture is Ventiv’s most powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use intake solution, with a set of capabilities unrivaled in the market for risk and insurance software:

  •     For end users: Speed, ease of use and simplicity: Field users (e.g., facility managers completing property surveys; employees providing incident notifications) will find it as easy to use as any online survey tool—no training needed.
  •     For administrators: Easy, single form design—irrespective of device: Administrators can design and modify surveys quickly and easily. Design only one form, and it’s ready to use on desktops/laptops and mobile devices. Ventiv Capture also allows the form design to be imported from a spreadsheet for fast setup.
  •     For administrators: Easy to maintain and modify: Once a survey is set up, it’s easy for administrators to create and modify rules, integrate with the Ventiv risk or claims platform and self-administer, create new questions or modify existing ones, change labels on the questions and designate certain fields as required.
  •     Full desktop and native iOS and Android app support: The “handoff” between devices is seamless: Users can begin a survey on a native iOS or Android app on their mobile device and then complete the survey on their desktop (or vice versa).
  •     Offline data capture: Unique in the market for risk and insurance software, Ventiv Capture does not require an active Internet connection while gathering data offline (e.g., safety professionals in the field conducting an inspection); data synchronizes when back online.
  •     Support for multiple languages, including double byte: For multinational organizations, Ventiv Capture allows administrators to quickly and easily launch surveys in multiple languages, including double-byte character sets (e.g., languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). Multilingual survey responses flow seamlessly into the Ventiv Risk platform in the language(s) of record.
  •     Security that makes mobile apps safe for your organization: Ventiv Capture features enterprise-level security that maintains ease of use and simple account provisioning, with the ability to wipe data remotely.

Bill Diaz, CEO of Ventiv Technology, said: “Risk, insurance and safety managers understand the longer it takes for an organization to respond to events, the more expensive these events can become. Ventiv Capture gives organizations a powerful, easy-to-use way to gather high-quality information quickly and submit the data in real time. Ventiv Capture is a game changer for any organization that collects data from end-users in the field. Ventiv Capture makes it easy and cost-effective to capture data in a structured way, with self-service form administration on the fly, skip logic for questions and dynamic branching question logic. Ventiv Capture is clean, fast, simple and secure; it’s built for the end user and the administrator.”