Feb 11 2016

SPH Analytics to Provide Population Health Solutions for DeKalb Medical Physicians Group

SPH Analytics announced today that DeKalb Medical Physicians Group (DMPG) will use the action analytics leader’s population health solutions, MDinsight® and IndiGO®, for its primary care clinicians. The 3-year partnership brings advanced analytics and clinical support to the Atlanta-area healthcare system. Details of the contract were not disclosed.

As the healthcare market moves towards quality-based outcomes, MDinsight and IndiGO enable clinicians to utilize the data in their EMR and other systems to provide optimal care that leads to improved outcomes. The SPH Analytics (SPHA) solutions will provide population health analytics to 85 clinicians across 25 locations in the DeKalb healthcare system, enabling DeKalb clinicians to provide the highest quality care to the patients they serve.

MDinsight and IndiGO are embedded with advanced analytics to guide patient engagement in the consumer driven healthcare market. IndiGO’s GO Score, a predictive analytic measure that provides advanced decision support, was presented as “A Better Measure of Value” at the 2014 NCQA Policy Forum. Together, the population health tools will allow DeKalb Medical advanced population health analytics for preventing and managing chronic conditions.

“We are excited to work with this local client,” said SPH Analytics CEO, Al Vega. “It is obvious that DeKalb Medical Physicians Group is a leader in providing quality care, and working with healthcare leaders in the Atlanta area gives SPH Analytics the opportunity to improve the lives of patients in our own region.”

Stephen Thomas, Vice President for the Physicians Group, stated, “DeKalb Medical Physicians Group is excited about our partnership with SPH Analytics. With the ever-changing healthcare environment, it is extremely important to have a partner that is able to flex with the system, and provide real-time, accurate, and actionable data. SPH Analytics, through their products MDinsight® and IndiGO®, will supply DMPG with this needed information and will allow us to fully implement our Population Health Program.”