Oct 19 2015

MSC Software Announces the Addition of RadiciGroup Material Grades to Digimat

MSC Software Corporation today announced that Digimat, the leading nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modeling platform from e-Xstream engineering, has added material grades from RadiciGroup, one of the most active Italian chemical companies globally. Digimat now offers data on three Radici® grades:

  • – Radilon S RV300W 333 NER (Nylon / PA 6 polymer reinforced with 30% short glass fibers)
  • – Radilon A RV300W 333 NER (Nylon / PA 66 polymer reinforced with 30% short glass fibers)
  • – Radilon A RV350W 333 NER (Nylon / PA 66 polymer reinforced with 35% short glass fibers)
  • Each grade has been modeled for the following 3 sets of test conditions:

  • – 23°C – Dry-as-molded (DAM)
  • – 23°C – Conditioned to RH50
  • – 150°C – Dry-as-molded (DAM)
  • Radilon® products combine the exceptional properties inherent in polyamides such as stiffness, mechanical resistance, impact strength (particularly in the conditioned state), flowability, wear resistance, electrical insulation properties and chemical resistance with ease of processing.

    The versatility of polyamides provides the potential to expand their properties and adapt them to a broad range of needs by designing and developing new specialty formulations and, in some cases, tailor-made products to meet application specifications.

    “Using Digimat, linear elastic and nonlinear elasto-plastic material models have been calibrated from quasi-static (QS) tensile data. Failure has also been calibrated and is included in the elasto-plastic material models,” said Thierry Malo, Manager Engineering Services, e-Xstream engineering.

    “The inclusion of these three Radilon® polyamide grades in the new Digimat database will provide designers with a more sophisticated and precise approach to the design of structural parts, especially in metal replacement,” said Erico Spini, Radici Plastics MKT & Application Development Director.