Apr 6 2015

Construction Nearby by Dodge Data & Analytics Helps Construction Pros Find Closest Projects From Their Location

With the construction industry on an upswing and more projects available for bidding, Dodge Data & Analytics is making it easier for construction industry professionals to find the closest active public and private projects through Construction Nearby, available at Construction Nearby is the first release from Dodge Maps and represents Dodge’s innovative promise as the premier provider of construction leads data to the local construction professional.

Construction Nearby from Dodge Maps is a free mobile app available now on Android and Apple iOS. This new app integrates big data, mobile, social and location-based technologies to help users find active construction projects and access opportunities anywhere.

Construction Nearby helps users instantly determine where the job is, when the job is, how big the job is and what types of jobs are bidding, enabling users to immediately take action when they find an appropriate job on a map. By unlocking more Dodge data, users will learn the exact name and location of the job, whether it is privately or publicly funded, and even the owner’s contact information – critical details to get construction professionals in on the right projects that can improve profits.

“Wherever you are in the U.S. or Canada, no matter how large or small your construction business, Construction Nearby helps you find the ideal projects that are closest to you,” said Cherie Hernandez, Senior Director, Product Development, Dodge Data & Analytics.

“Construction professionals are often away from the office on a job site and depend on their mobile device for productivity. Construction Nearby helps them to locate new nearby projects out to bid and scout prospective jobs to convert leads into new business. The Owner’s Contact feature allows a construction manager or specialty contractor to establish new relationships and send a personalized request-to-bid in real-time,” Hernandez added.

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