Apr 8 2014

Symphony Advanced Media partners with TiVo Research to offer first-of-its-kind research into links between media and purchasing behavior

Symphony Advanced Media (SymphonyAM) and TiVo Research have partnered to bring insights about the interplay between media and advertising to a level beyond anything currently available. Creating the largest single-source, cross-media panel of opt-in participants in the market, the joint effort will correlate consumers’ media consumption and social media engagement across screens, while also layering on detailed demographic and psychographic data.

TiVo Research will license SymphonyAM’s mobile and online app technology, which passively captures media usage across platforms: television, mobile phone, tablet and PC, including detailed social networking and search activity. Marrying these insights with data from TiVo TV set-top boxes will yield the most comprehensive view of media consumption and its impact on purchase behavior available.

As part of the deal, the two companies will recruit TiVo panel customers to opt into their single-source, cross-platform panel. Data gleaned from the expanded panel will be available to agencies, advertisers, media companies and research firms, which all rely on consumer behavioral data across media platforms.

In comparison to “fusion” panels which stitch together data from different individuals across multiple source, Symphony Advanced Media’s single-source cross-media panels capture behavior data across the same individual interacting across TV, mobile, social and PC media. Passive research tracks actual media consumption and behavior, as opposed to traditional media research that depends on surveys and participant recall.