Apr 3 2014

$4B Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc. selects Symphony EYC Customer Insights to build better customer relationships

Roundy’s Supermarkets is a leading Midwest grocer that operates 165 retail grocery stores and 113 pharmacies under the Pick ’n Save, Rainbow, Copps, Metro Market and Mariano’s retail banners, across Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Roundy’s has annual revenues of nearly $4 billion, and employs more than 21,000 workers.

Roundy’s chose Symphony EYC Customer Insights to provide rich information about its customers’ buying behaviors, which will be used to improve its stores’ appeal and uniqueness from other retailers. The insights gleaned from this data are comprehensive, and can be used to improve product assortment, inventory availability, promotions, perceived price and the overall shopping experience at each of the company’s 278 retail storefronts.

Traditionally, customer analytics programs have been prohibitively expensive for any but the largest retail chains. However, the Symphony EYC Customer Insights solution now makes the combination of high-end retail expertise and analytic technology cost-effective for mid-market retailers, to craft more effective customer strategies and make better-informed decisions.